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Drain Inspection & Cleaning

Water in your basement could be caused by a clogged perimeter drain, a foundation failure, or another water event. The way to know for sure is with a drain camera inspection. Find out why ours is the best value.

Perimeter Drain Repair

Some companies will sell you a luxury car when all you really need is the economy model. There are times when a digging up your front yard for a perimeter drain replacement is not the best solution. Find out why.

Foundation Restoration

All foundations deteriorate over time, especially here in our wet Vancouver Island climate. Older homes with masonry foundations are particularly vulnerable. We restore and repair foundations to guard against water infiltration. Learn how.

Basement Waterproofing

As homes get older, their tar-based wall coatings fail, resulting in wet basements. If you face this problem, it may be time to talk to an expert about installing a more permanent basement waterproofing solution. Find out more.

Colin’s Basement Swamp Story

Coming home to a flood in your basement is never fun. For Colin Goldblatt, opening his basement door after a rainy afternoon, it was a nightmare. The small lake that had formed in his backyard was now seeping over the door’s threshold soaking everything in its path.
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Drain Inspections, Perimeter Drains, & Basement Waterproofing in Victoria BC

The world is wet and getting wetter. Flooded basements have become the largest source of contested insurance claims in Victoria and Vancouver Island. Raintek specializes in residential drainage problems and solutions. Our highly trained staff are experts at diagnosing and resolving your leaky basement issues to ensure your home stays dry and protected for a lifetime

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