Basement Waterproofing / Wet Basement Solutions in Victoria

Why waterproof your basement?

Take a dash of clay soil, a pinch of seismic activity, a generous helping of heavy rain, and add in an older home … and what do you get? Lots of flooded basements. It’s a destructive mix of ingredients that is all too common here on Vancouver Island. The result is enormous stress on your home’s concrete or masonry block foundation. This can lead to cracks through which water can travel, which in turn can lead to respiratory problems via mold growth and property damage via flooding.

Most Vancouver Island homes are not waterproofed.

You may think your home is in protected. But if you live in a home built before 1980, don’t be so sure. That’s because most of these homes have been damp-proofed, not waterproofed. Damp-proofing involves coating the outside of the foundation with a degradable asphalt tar — a big difference from waterproofing. Damp-proofing may inhibit water penetration, but it does not prevent it. Over time this coating will deteriorate and break down, allowing moisture to seep into the foundation. The common musty smell in basements is often a symptom of this problem.

True waterproofing keeps your foundation dry from the outside.

Waterproofing doesn’t mean coating your foundation with interior paint or sealants. While doing this will help seal the concrete, it will not prevent cracks from appearing on the outside. In other words, it’s fine to use sealants for minor issues like efflorescence, but not to stop water from entering. True basement waterproofing means applying an elastometric emulsive membrane on the outside of your foundation to seal the wall, provide a drainage plane for water, and stretch over future cracks to prevent water infiltration as the house ages.

Why choose RainTek for your basement waterproofing?

Your home is more than an investment, it’s your sanctuary. That’s why our approach to basement water leaks offers a permanent solution to problems, not just a temporary fix. We have found the best products and people to give you peace of mind for the life of your home. Here’s what sets our exterior waterproofing service apart:

  1. A triple layer of waterproofing protection using a polypropylene membrane system with unmatched durability, preventing water from entering your home, even if the wall cracks.
  2. A systematic approach to diagnosing the cause of the water leaks, not just the symptoms, so we can fix the issue for good.
  3. Turnkey service from excavation to sidewalk replacement to foundation repair.

Contact a RainTek basement waterproofing specialist now at 1-888-638-3025 for a quick chat to see how we can help. There’s no obligation to book an appointment, and no charge for the conversation.