Foundation Repair & Protection

Beware the cracken

All over Vancouver Island, homes are built on dense clay and unstable rock (some of which is left over from the building phase). Both of these things pose challenges for your foundation. Our intense rain and drought cycles cause the clay to continually expand and contract, and the rock to constantly shift. This makes your house prone to settling years after construction, which can cause cracks in the foundation. Just like a car windshield, cracks start as small hairlines and migrate into larger gaps over time. Slopes, temperature changes, earth movement, and hydrostatic water pressure can cause these cracks to expand as your house ages, eventually resulting in basement water leaks. That’s why it’s important to inspect cracks regularly.

Address the the cause first

Let’s be clear: not all cracks are cause for panic. Many cracks are simply “shrinkage cracks” from the concrete curing phase. These are less worrisome than cracks caused by settlement, heaving, or water issues. An expert’s eye can help you tell the difference. If a crack is serious, and the cause is clearly a settlement issue, then you’ll need to address this beyond just sealing the crack. If the crack is caused by hydrostatic pressure, in other words too much water against the foundation, you’re best bet is to find a better way to move the water away from the walls. Either way, it’s important to identify the cause and address it instead of simply sealing the crack.

Repair cracks & prevent future ones

Cracks can be repaired from the inside and the outside. The inside method involves cleaning the crack and inserting an epoxy into the concrete. The external approach requires digging out the wall and exposing the crack, cleaning it, and applying a combination of materials and techniques, including new basement waterproofing, to permanently repair it and prevent future cracks. We prefer to fix as many foundation leaks from the outside, as this method actually stops the water from penetrating.

Why choose RainTek for your foundation repair?

You foundation is one of the most vital — and vulnerable — parts of your home. It’s in your best interest to protect it. We believe in empowering you to make informed decisions with accurate information and multiple options. Here are a few other things that set us apart:

  1. Fix it right the first time. We believe in permanent fixes, not temporary bandaids.
  2. Turnkey service from foundation inspection to foundation repair and restoration.
  3. Follow a systematic process: find the cause, figure out the most cost-effective approach, implement the solution.
  4. Impeccable followup — we treat our clients like family friends and regularly do post-project check-ups.

Contact a RainTek foundation repair expert now at 1-888-638-3025 for a quick chat to see how we can help. There’s no obligation to book an appointment, and no charge for the conversation.