Rainwater Harvesting

Rain, Rain, come again…

Street flooding. Watering bans. Stormwater management. In Victoria, these are increasingly common occurrences that are altering how we deal with rainwater. Now a wave of new initiatives — from building code updates to municipal rebate programs — is prompting a comeback in the ancient practice of rainwater harvesting.

Why harvest rainwater?

The uses of rainwater harvesting are many. Many rural Vancouver Island residents already know that rainwater is an effective way to supplement freshwater wells that are of poor quality or dry up in the summer. Similarly, for many urban gardeners, rainwater is a chemical-free source of water that is cheap and abundant. And for city planners, home rainwater collection is a smart way to reduce flooding, soil erosion, and the impact on aging storm water systems.

Beyond the rain barrel

You’ve probably noticed that summers on Vancouver Island are getting warmer. That has led to more drought-like conditions, and in turn, more frequent watering restrictions. In response, many people have installed 200L (50G) rain barrels (the most popular size at box stores) to help keep lawns and gardens green. While this is definitely a step in the right direction, it’s unlikely these people will notice much of a change in their water bill. To make noticeable savings, you need to create a network of barrels or install a larger rainwater container.

Certified Rainwater Professionals

If you’re thinking of anything beyond the most basic system, consider bringing in a professional. Before installation, you’ll need to answer questions like how big a tank you need, how to handle overflow and filtration, what permits are required, what kind of equipment is suitable, and what tax rebates are available. And that’s just the start. A Certified Rainwater Harvesting Professional can answer many of these questions for you, and walk you through all the steps required to ensure your system complies with all the local bylaws and produces a safe, sustainable water supply for years to come.

Why choose RainTek for your rainwater harvesting project?

Although rainwater harvesting is an ancient technique, it still requires specialized expertise and knowledge to do it right. Certification from the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management is your guarantee that a company’s technicians are experts in their craft. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Pre-purchase rainwater feasibility studies for your home.
  2. Designs that prioritize sensitivity to the environment, aesthetic appeal, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance.
  3. Complete permit management and turnkey construction.
  4. Expertise integrating home rainwater systems with drainage systems.
  5. A long list of delighted customers.

Contact a RainTek rainwater harvesting expert now at 1-888-638-3025 to see how we can help. There’s no obligation to book and appointment, and no charge for the conversation.