Who is RainTek?

Our Crew: Honest, Reliable

A company’s culture is represented by the individuals who work within it. At RainTek, we believe the skills you possess are only as important as your core values. And that’s why we evaluate everyone on the same basis: Do you honour your commitments? Do you come to work prepared? Do you act like a professional? Anyone can have a bad day, but these core values will never waver. This is how we define character. And it means everything.

Geoff Styba, Owner / Drain Inspector
Geoff was born and raised on Vancouver Island. His first job was working on commercial fishing boats at the ripe age of 13 while still in school. At 19, he took his self-made work ethic into the drainage and waterproofing industry. He spent the next 13 years learning the ins and outs of the drainage business. He dug ditches, managed crews, drove excavators, troubleshooted and resolved the finickiest water problems.

Today Geoff is responsible for customer service and guiding Raintek’s growth. He is usually your first point of contact. And the one to meet with you if you need an estimate, whether it’s for a drainage inspection, basement waterproofing, or perimeter drainage repair. He takes great pride in his specified drainage knowledge and building lasting relationships with clients.

Geoff has a new golden retriever puppy named Gregg who accompanies him to work almost every day. He is passionate about supporting charities for animals like the SPCA, BCWF and Vets Without Borders. Outside of work, Geoff is an avid outdoors-man, sledder (that’s a snowmobile for the uninitiated), kayaker, hiker and photographer.

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