Drainage & Landscaping in Victoria BC

There is a reason RainTek is the fastest growing drainage & landscape company on Vancouver Island. Our commitment to “Fix it right the first time” has helped hundreds of happy customers. Call our Victoria office at 250-896-3478 to experience it for yourself.

Perimeter Drain Camera Inspection in Victoria

A professional technician will conduct a drain camera inspection of your Victoria property.
Buying a home? Not sure about the state of your perimeter drains (drain tiles)? Remove doubt with a RainTek drain tile camera inspection. You’ll be able to see exactly where there are problems, if any, in your drainage system. If you do have a problem, and it can be solved with a simple cleaning, you could opt for drain snaking or hydro-jetting your drainage system at the same time.

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Perimeter Drain Repair & Replacement in Victoria

Sometimes you can repair a perimeter drain instead of replacing it.
Depending on the severity of your drainage issues, partial or full replacement of your drain system may be necessary. Using a combination of diagnostic procedures (in-ground camera inspection, digging test holes, water tracing, etc) we will find the cause of the problem. At that point, we will recommend a solution, which may include cleaning the weeping tile, replacing a small portion of line, or a full-scale perimeter drain replacement.

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Foundation Repair Services in Victoria

Knowing the difference between a serious crack and minor foundation crack is crucial.
Because of Victoria’s heavy rain cycles, basement flooding is common, and we see a high number of homes with foundation issues. With every foundation inspection, we thoroughly review the entire perimeter drain situation to locate the cause of existing water issues, and to spot potential issues and symptoms of problems to come. After that, we can repair or restore your foundation, using the best practices we’ve developed over years of servicing hundreds of clients.

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Exterior Waterproofing for Victoria Residents & Businesses

A properly installed basement waterproofing solution will protect you for a lifetime.
Most Vancouver Island communities, including Victoria, share similar flooding challenges. Buildings are built on dense clay soil or bedrock, which makes it easier for rainwater to seep through the foundation into the basement. Slopes, frequent seismic activity, and outdated waterproofing methods pose even more challenges. Without proper drainage and up-to-date waterproofing techniques, your basement can quickly become flooded or see leaks during heavy rains. Our elastomeric emulsive membrane waterproofing system offers triple-protection against water leaks. Unlike traditional liquid asphalt, using this membrane allows your perimeter walls to stay dry even if new cracks or splits form.

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Rainwater Harvesting in Victoria

Tying rain barrels into an irrigation network will reduce your water bill.
Looking to take advantage of the rain beyond what leaks into your basement? Rainwater harvesting is a great solution to the frequent rain-drought cycles we experience in Victoria. Not only can you use the water on your landscape, but also to supplement you gray water needs for toilets, laundry, cleaning, etc. And with recent initiatives announced by local municipalities, you might even get a financial incentive to do it. Our staff are certified by the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management, your guarantee that they are experts in their craft.

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Landscapes for Victoria Homes & Businesses

New Victoria stormwater incentives reward permeable driveways and pathways.
Is your front yard or back yard an embarrassing eyesore? Is your cracked, worn-out driveway or sidewalk tripping you up? Maybe it’s time to give the landscape experts at RainTek a call. Our in-house staff specialize in interlocking pavers, bricks, and concrete finishing. We have the expertise to harmonize both your hardscape and softscape — from driveways, patios and sidewalks to trees, shrubs, garden beds, pergolas, and fences. Our overhead is low, and our equipment is owned, so we have much more competitive rates than most landscaping contractors.

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